A few weeks ago I was approached by Braun to test out and review the Silk Epil 9 SkinSpa, a smart epilator with a lot of extras, designed to give you salon quality hair removal at home. The device comes in a beautiful design and is really easy to hold in your hand. The epilator - as the name says - is primarily for epilating the whole body and face, but has attachments for shaving, trimming, massage and exfoliation.

It’s important to first read the manual so you know how to use the epilator for maximum comfort. The attachments are super easy to change and the silk epil works wire free for 50 minutes when charged.

When you’re going to epilate it’s important to first exfoliate the skin. Also make sure to properly clean the epilator head after each time. If it’s your first time, maybe try it on a little part on your body first. Don’t epilate sensitive areas that get irritated quickly or areas with moles and wounds. Exfoliation is a really important step to prevent ingrown hairs, which can cause a lot of irritation (sensitive and dry skin are more prone to ingrown hairs). Epilation is something you need to get used to and might hurt the first times. After you’re done, make sure to moisturize. I personally use the epilator on my less sensitive areas, which include my upper legs and face (as I’m used to using a pincet to epilate).

The silk epic has two stands (slow and faster) and can be used dry or wet, I personally prefer to use it in the shower (the water also reduces pain). The epilator has a built in light which really helps to see the area and hairs you’re epilating and turns red (new SensoSmart technology) when you’re pushing too hard. This way you can use the epilator in the most efficient way. It also has a special attachment to use on your face.

The massage attachment feels really good and helps for better circulation and smoother skin. It can be used on its own or with an oil or gel. For me it’s not really strong enough to feel like a real massage. There are also two exfoliation heads, a softer and a more dense one. The dense brush feels really good on the body and can be used with for example a scrub or shower gel. The softer brush is meant for regular exfoliation especially in summer time. This will help your skin to get that sunny beautiful glow. I love to use these at night while taking a shower, to prepare my skin for epilation or shaving and to get smoother skin.

The razor can be set on shaving or trimming and works really well when you go against the direction of hair growth. All the attachment are also easy to clean.

If you have experience with epilators you will definitely notice the quality of this one. It’s easy to use and less painful. It’s an all-in-one device for preparation of, beautifying and epilating your skin.

For a period of 100 days you can decide to give back the product and get a full refund.

Cashback: between 01/10/2018 – 21/12/2018 (Until the end of the year): you get 30 euros back when you buy a silk-epil 9




Foundation: NYX total control drop (06 Vanilla) / Concealer: Catrice liquid camouflage / Powder: Catrice Nude Illusion / Bronzer: NYX 3 steps to sculpt (fair) / Cream contour: NYX micro contour duo pencil (light) / Highlight: NYX Mochi highlighting palettes (arcade glam & lit life) & YSL  touche eclat glow shot / Eyeshadow: NYX Mochi shadow palette (sleek and chic) & Contour Intuitive palette (warm zone)  / Lips: NYX soft matte lip cream (cabo) & L'oreal color riche shine lipstick (642) / Eyeliner: L'oreal paradise extatic kajal / Eyebrows: NYX eyebrow powder pencil (ash brown) / Mascara: NYX worth the hype



Since it's that time of the year again where people get all LOVEY DOVEY, I wanted to do a themed Valentine's day look using only pinks (I also wanted to try out some new makeup). I wouldn't be myself if I didn't give this look a spin and make it more creepy...What do you think of these looks and which one do you like more? the pretty pink one or the cute but psycho one?

So will you be my Valentine? Because if I can't have you, no one can...

Products used:

Foundation: L'oreal Accord parfait / Concealer: Catrice liquid camouflage / Powder: Catrice Nude Illusion / Bronzer: NYX 3 steps to sculpt (fair) / Blush: NYX contour intuitive (warm zone) / Highlight: L'oreal Glow drops & NYX Mochi highlighting palette (arcade glam) / Eyeshadow: NYX Mochi shadow palette (electric pastels), Cosmic metals palette, Glitter (rose) + glitter primer / Lips: NYX soft matte lip cream (Antwerp) & Estee Lauder pure color lipstick (envy) / Eyeliner: L'oreal paradise extatic kajal / Eyebrows: NYX eyebrow powder pencil (ash brown)

Grime: NYX sfx creme colour (black & red)




As some of you know, I'm intolerant to gluten and dairy. I also try to eat as healthy as I can, which means low sugar and no processed foods. I made gluten free and dairy free pancakes using a really simple recipe. I used coconut blossom sugar and topped it off with raspberries and date syrup (a better alternative to plain sugar). If you're vegan you can substitute the egg with something else. 

RECIPE - serving 5 big pancakes (1 cup = 250g)

1 3/4 cup gluten free flour of choice (I used rice flour)

2 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

2 big spoons of cane sugar (use less if you want low sugar - I used 2 tsp)

2 eggs

1 1/4 cups of plant based milk (I used oat milk)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Let me know if you make this recipe! 



This year I was really sick in October so I didn't have a lot of time to play around with Halloween looks. It's my favorite time of the year but unfortunately I wasn't in the mood this year! I ended up making a look in september in Morocco, using only my travel makeup (get creative!) and a more intricate look that took forever! what do you think?

IT & "who are you really on the inside?..."



I was looking for some trendy sunglasses and I knew THE place to find them: China. I found them (after searching for a long time with a lot of keywords) on Aliexpress and they were cheap af! They're not a brand and of course not the highest quality but I abuse my sunglasses so much, plastic is better for me! The only downside to Aliexpress is that it takes around a month to arrive in Europe. The website is actually really safe and they guarantee you'll get your money back if something isn't how you wanted or it didn't arrive. Check below for the links to these exact sunglasses and let me know if you order (& receive) them :)


Cat Eye small sunglasses

2,5 € 

Gold border sunglasses

2,70 €

Half frame vintage sunglasses

5,24 €


Last weekend I went to WECANDANCE - a dance festival on the beach with a focus on fashion and food. I went last year, loved it, and when I heard the theme this year was 'desert dreams' I just had to go! I love dressing up and I couldn't pass on wearing my culture with pride!


Pants - H&M

Crop Top - New Look

Caftan - vintage (from my aunt)

Jewelry - I don't remember? probably some H&M, ASOS & small jewelry stores

Since I was going for the "badass desert princess" vibes I chose to put on a lot of eyeliner for an intense arabic look, gold eyeshadow & glitter, a lot of highlighter & bronzer and a dark purple-grey lipstick.


Lips - NYX liquid suede (foul mouth)

Eyes - NYX loose gold glitter, NYX metallics palette, Urban Decay Naked Basics, Loreal Telescopic mascara, Chanel waterproof eyeliner 

What do you think?


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to collab with YSL. For the 25th anniversary of the legendary touche eclat they chose me and 24 other belgian bloggers to participate in an awesome video project. I got my hair and makeup done and had a scene where I had to party and dance. It was the first time I was actually in front of the lens (other than my own) so surreal! I've always had a passion for 


 / acting so this was kind of a taste of that! You can read the article


 Can you spot me?


I recently worked with Zalando to promote the new Reebok sneakers in collab with the make-up brand FACE Stockholm (  I chose a matching outfit and shot the whole look fitting my aesthetics. The sneakers are reworked and have a color palette that fits the makeup brand. 

Jumpsuit - Missguided / Jacket - Ivyrevel / Necklace - Misselfridge / Shoes - Reebok
All from Zalando - Photos by Yasmine Gherbi

MAKEUP / GLOWY PINK (testing new products)

These last few weeks I have been sent some new makeup products to test out. These include brand new NYX and Urban Decay Spring products. I made this simple, glowy look  (details below)

New products: 

NYX total control drop foundation (Vanilla) 

with the total control drop foundation brush

NYX duo chromatic illuminating powder (snow rose) / NYX away we glow liquid highlighter (crystal glare)

NYX perfect filter shadow palette (rustic antique) 

NYX lip lingerie (silk indulgent)

Urban Decay Naked Flushed (Sesso) bronzer, blush & highlight

Urban Decay Priming Spray

Urban Decay All nighter setting spray


NYX prismatic eyeshadow (frostbite)

Eyelure eyebrow pencil

Loreal telescopic mascara

Chanel eye pencil

Catrice concealer palette

Urban Decay naked basics palette

Catrice lip plumping lipgloss

Essence lipstick


before and after: liquid lipstick and mascara removed with the makeup remover for stubborn makeup.

For this article I collaborated with Clinique to test out their 'Take The Day Off' make-up removers. As someone who plays a lot with make-up and has dry & sensitive skin, I'm always looking for skincare that fits me. 

First of all, the packaging looks really clean and fresh. Both make-up removers are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free (something my 


 skin really needs, so that's a huge plus for me!).

The cleansing balm (round jar) is a coconut oil like, solid balm that transforms into a fluid oil upon application. It doesn't have any smell and takes off make-up with ease. It's not greasy and not drying, so perfect for all 

skin types. I put it on my face directly with my fingers and take it off with a washing cloth.  

The other make-up remover (bottle) is a liquid, watery substance (water is also the first ingredient) that mixes with a dry oil once you shake it and lifts stubborn eye & lip makeup. I tested it out by removing mascara and liquid lipstick with a cotton ball (see photo). It does leave a greasy layer so it's best to go over it with some water. It's also really good for sensitive eyes and doesn't irritate.

Personally I would use both products at the same time. The cleansing balm is ideal for taking off face makeup and the liquid one removes eye makeup, mascara and lip products really quickly and easily. I have tried both products a few times and haven't gotten any irritation or breakouts. approved!


Take The Day Off cleansing balm

 and the

Take The Day Off make-up remover for lids, lashes and lips

cost around €28,80 and €19,90


A short BTS video I made of my latest shoot! The weather was amazing and I stepped out of my comfort zone by shooting in harsh afternoon sunlight. We were waiting for a beautiful sunset but the sun just disappeared behind the clouds...Oh well, at least I caught the moment before. 


HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you would like to see an easy but different party look, watch below!

I used glitter as my theme and a few different lip colors to change up your look.

(Get Up and Glow with Estee Lauder)

Also, this is my first (mini) tutorial ever! what do you guys think?

Products are mentioned in the video -----


A few weeks ago I made a video and photos for my Zalando entry (see blog &


). I wanted to talk more about the makeup look I chose for this shoot. I asked my friend Amel (mel's beat face) what she thought was a modern meets arabic makeup look. She sent me an image of a Kim Kardashian smokey eye with a twist - a reverse smokey eye:

I decided to change up the lipsticks during the shoot

 and used a nude, a dark grey and a darker dusty rose. I also drew on some berber tattoos with a gel liner. 

Products used

Primer: Urban Decay Porefessional 

Foundation: Make-Up Forever Liquid Lift foundation

Concealer: Catrice Camouflage cream & Contouring palette

Bronzer: Benefit Hoola & Elf Golden Bronzer

Blush: Sleek face form palette

Powder (bake): Catrice translucent loose powder

Highlighter: The Balm (mary lou manizer) & MAC (soft & gentle)

Eyeshadow base: NYX HD

Brows: Elf eyebrow kit

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked I palette, Naked basics, Catrice Denim Divine palette (limited edition)

Eyeliner (top and bottom): Chanel Pencil liner

Black eyeshadow bottom: MAC palette (Helmut Newton point & shoot limited palette)

Lashes: Eyelure

Berber Tattoos: Catrice gel liner

Nude lipstick: Catrice lipstick & Catrice plumping lipgloss

Grey lipstick: NYX stone fox liquid lip

Old rose lipstick: Essence long-lasting lipstick 06 barely there

What do you guys think about this look? Would you like a tutorial? 

PHOTOGRAPHY / FAIRY LIGHTS (before and after!)

Tis the season for fairy lights! As the days get colder and shorter, these lights make everything feel so cozy! I wanted to recreate Brandon Woelfel's signature editing style and photos with fairy lights, but still make it my own. I love how these turned out! The lights are very cool toned which gives the photos an overall blue color. I played with the blacks to give it a more matte feel, used a lot of sharpening, dodging and burning and changed the colors in the HSL panel in Lightroom. I really just played around until I was happy with the results. I love experimenting! What do you guys think?

Before and after:

The power of lightroom and photoshop!

FASHION / MODERN MEETS MOROCCAN LOOKBOOK (Zalando Style Icons // Creative Content Icon)

This is my entry for the Zalando Style Icons // Creative Content Icon Award.


For this lookbook I was inspired by my rich and beautiful moroccan heritage, as I am half moroccan and half belgian. I mixed a lot of traditional items and looks such as baboushes, the caftan, silver jewelry, berber tattoos,...with modern items to create a different and interesting combination. The whole concept just came together and it's definitely a statement on connection and unity in a time where this is really needed. I teamed up with a designer with moroccan roots and added some pieces I borrowed from my mom. Tradition meets reinvention, patterns meet minimalism, cultures meet each other. I also chose this subject for my entry because I want to show that having different origins and cultures is a beautiful thing and it enriches our lives if we let it.

Show it and celebrate it


I did the photography, videography, editing, makeup, styling and art direction. So proud of the result! 

Intro (video)

Necklace - Mom's private collection (from Morocco)

Shirt - H&M

Look 1

Heels - Public Desire

Ripped Jeans - H&M

Kimono -

Amy Wissad 

Berber Belt -

Amy Wissad

Bralette - Bershka

Choker - New Look

Look 2

Baboushes - Morocco

Jeans - H&M

Denim Shirt - Zara

Rings - H&M, Primark, Morocco

Necklaces -  

Amy Wissad

's private collection

Bralette - Bershka

Look 3

Catftan -

Amy Wissad 

Choker -

Amy Wissad 

Cap - H&M

Look 4

Heels - Zara

Joggers - H&M

Bralette - Bershka

Clutch -

Amy Wissad

Rings - H&M, Primark, Morocco

Necklaces -

Amy Wissad

's private collection

Varsity Jacket - H&M Men

Earrings - Mom's private collection (from Morocco)

Outro (video)

Jacket - Mom's private collection (from Morocco)