My first Halloween look of the year! 
"I took over your body and now I'm going to take over your planet..."
inspired by Heidi Hamoud MUA

How: Start with a light base, combining foundation, concealer and white face paint (on the highlights of the face with a sponge). Contour the cheeks and temples extra hard and highlight a lot on your cheekbones. Start covering up your brows in 3 simple steps: 1) glue stick, 2) concealer, 3) powder. Repeat this until you cover them completely (it took me more than an hour because I have really thick brows!). 

Use eyeshadow colors of choice to contour the inside of the eye, going down to the nose. Also put it under the lash line. Use a white mascara or face paint on a brush and apply on the lashes. Take a silver eyeshadow and pat it on the lips. Finish up with adding some white contact lenses. I also used a lot of wax on my hair so it looked whet and shiny. 

what you need: foundation - concealer - powder - eyeshadow - bronzer - highlighter - glue stick - face paint - sponge - contact lenses (optional) - hair wax (optional)