HALLOWEEN / Instafamous Zombie

My second Halloween look for this year is definitely my favorite because it has an important message. These last years we have seen the rise of 'instafamous' girls who all look perfect and make a living showing their faces and bodies on social media. It's hard not to feel the pressure to look like them when they're idolized and lusted after. Inspired by MadeYewLook (on youtube) I decided to make a look with the beauty ideals I see on Instagram. The concept is a zombie girl who wants to be as pretty and famous as these girls and decides to rip off a face and put it on. Just like many girls are unhappy with what they look like and decide to change their looks to fit the mold. Realize that social media is not a representation of real life and nobody looks perfect 24/7. Everybody's beautiful and being you is what makes you unique!. 

First I started with the glam part: the beauty trends I noticed are a flawless and dewy skin, perfectly shaped and 'on fleek' brows, a lot of contouring and highlighting, highlighter brighter than your future, smokey eyes with a defined eyeliner, false lashes and big, overdrawn lips. To top this off I used some blue contact lenses as all these girls do and dark hair paired with light eyes is a beauty ideal on social media. You can look at some pictures on instagram as a guideline. 

After this I started outlining my face with liquid latex to give it dimension. I rolled up some paper and put it on the latex before it dried. After this I went over it with latex again, sealing it in. This will give you the effect of skin peeling away from the face. After it dried I put blood on the edges and started painting the rest of my face with green, brown, red and black face paint. I applied it with I sponge to make it look really dirty. With a contour brush I took some brown and black eyeshadow and started contouring my clavicles and ribs to make it look sunken in. As a finishing touch I put ‘like me’ on my chest using fake blood and my fingers. This zombie is really desperate! 

what you need: foundation - concealer - powder - eyeshadow -  bronzer - highlighter - false lashes - eyeliner - mascara - lipliner - lipstick - lipgloss - sponge - face paint - contact lenses (optional) - liquid latex - paper towel - paint brush - brow pencil - fake blood