HALLOWEEN / The Undead

My third Halloween look of the year is this creepy, undead skeleton.
"I rose from the grave to haunt you..."
inspired by Nikkietutorials 

How: This look is ideal for those who only have make-up and face paint but still want to make a really creepy look. Start with mixing foundation and white face paint for a pale look. Apply it all over your face, neck and chest. Hollow out the cheeks and temples by applying a brown eyeshadow and blend it out. Also contour the nose. Make a messy smoked out eye with brown, black and red eyeshadows and drag it down. Fill in your eyebrows or cover them if they're really light. Put more white face paint on the highlights of the face. Begin mapping out the mount with black eyeshadow and draw the teeth with a small paint brush and white face paint. Fill in the gaps with black eyeshadow for more definition. For an extra touch add some fake blood. Top this off with creepy contact lenses and wild hair. 

what you need: foundation - eyeshadow - face paint - fake blood - contact lenses