ying and yang, good and evil, angel and demon.

Yesterday I teamed up with this beauty ( and I had so much fun doing our make-up. 

How: For the demon look you only need a few products. Make your face lighter and contour your nose, temples and cheeks with a dark brown. Put eyeshadow (brown-black-red) on your eyes and smudge it out to create bags under the eyes. Add fake blood and a dark color on the lips. 

For the angel you start with a perfect base with foundation and concealer. Put white face paint on the eyebrows and lips and blue eyeshadow around the eyes, temples and cheekbones. Add a lot of highlighter on the face and finish up with putting on glitter. If it falls off you can use lash glue to make it stick. Add a blonde wig and blue contacts for that angelic look!

what you need: foundation - eyeshadow - concealer - lipstick - fake blood - bronzer - highlighter - face paint - glitter - contact lenses - wig