before and after: liquid lipstick and mascara removed with the makeup remover for stubborn makeup.

For this article I collaborated with Clinique to test out their 'Take The Day Off' make-up removers. As someone who plays a lot with make-up and has dry & sensitive skin, I'm always looking for skincare that fits me. 

First of all, the packaging looks really clean and fresh. Both make-up removers are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free (something my 


 skin really needs, so that's a huge plus for me!).

The cleansing balm (round jar) is a coconut oil like, solid balm that transforms into a fluid oil upon application. It doesn't have any smell and takes off make-up with ease. It's not greasy and not drying, so perfect for all 

skin types. I put it on my face directly with my fingers and take it off with a washing cloth.  

The other make-up remover (bottle) is a liquid, watery substance (water is also the first ingredient) that mixes with a dry oil once you shake it and lifts stubborn eye & lip makeup. I tested it out by removing mascara and liquid lipstick with a cotton ball (see photo). It does leave a greasy layer so it's best to go over it with some water. It's also really good for sensitive eyes and doesn't irritate.

Personally I would use both products at the same time. The cleansing balm is ideal for taking off face makeup and the liquid one removes eye makeup, mascara and lip products really quickly and easily. I have tried both products a few times and haven't gotten any irritation or breakouts. approved!


Take The Day Off cleansing balm

 and the

Take The Day Off make-up remover for lids, lashes and lips

cost around €28,80 and €19,90


JYB Cosmetics - A belgian, all natural and organic (around 80%) skin care brand. Their packaging is also bio degradable! 

I tested out two of their products - 'God save the skin' Hydrating Mask and 'Best Friend' Must-have Cream.

God Save the skin: A hydrating face mask with Macadamia, apricot and jojoba oil (all organic). The mask smells amazing: not too overpowering but subtle - a smell that reminds me of high-end spa or hotel products. It feels amazing on the skin and rinses off really easily (after 10-15 min.) My dry skin feels really hydrated and soft. 

(always scrub first: mix sugar and honey or olive oil)

Best Friend: The body milk is suitable for all skin types and doesn't really have a smell - I prefer it that way as I'm really sensitive to perfumed products. Ingredients include jojoba, shea and macadamia (all organic). The milk is not oil based so more suited for normal skin types. The dry parts of my body didn't feel hydrated enough but the rest was!

This brand is available on and in different EU countries (see website)

// Ik testte 2 producten van JYB Cosmetics - een natuurlijk en biologisch (ongeveer 80%) verzorgingsmerk. 

'God save the skin' Hydrating Mask is een gezichtsmasker gemaakt van onder andere macadamia, abrikoos en jojoba olie (bio). Het ruikt heerlijk en luxueus en voelt zijdezacht bij het aanbrengen en afspoelen. Mijn huid is direct gehydrateerd.

'Best Friend' Must-Have Cream is geschikt voor alle huidtypes en heeft bijna geen geur, goed voor gevoelige huidjes. De crème is hydraterend genoeg voor normale huid maar net niet genoeg voor mijn droge huid. Gemaakt van onder andere jojoba, shea en macadamia (bio)