Since it's that time of the year again where people get all LOVEY DOVEY, I wanted to do a themed Valentine's day look using only pinks (I also wanted to try out some new makeup). I wouldn't be myself if I didn't give this look a spin and make it more creepy...What do you think of these looks and which one do you like more? the pretty pink one or the cute but psycho one?

So will you be my Valentine? Because if I can't have you, no one can...

Products used:

Foundation: L'oreal Accord parfait / Concealer: Catrice liquid camouflage / Powder: Catrice Nude Illusion / Bronzer: NYX 3 steps to sculpt (fair) / Blush: NYX contour intuitive (warm zone) / Highlight: L'oreal Glow drops & NYX Mochi highlighting palette (arcade glam) / Eyeshadow: NYX Mochi shadow palette (electric pastels), Cosmic metals palette, Glitter (rose) + glitter primer / Lips: NYX soft matte lip cream (Antwerp) & Estee Lauder pure color lipstick (envy) / Eyeliner: L'oreal paradise extatic kajal / Eyebrows: NYX eyebrow powder pencil (ash brown)

Grime: NYX sfx creme colour (black & red)