Happy holidays everyone! hope you have an amazing time :) 

Make-up: Urban Decay Naked 1 palette (gold & brown) / Essence matte red & fuchsia lipgloss / The balm - Mary Lou manizer highlighter / Sleek bronzer / Catrice eyeliner / Maybelline mascara / Make-up forever foundation (applied with beauty blender) / Make-up forever powder / Catrice & Essence concealer 

TRAVEL / OOTD 16.12.15

While in Morocco, the best place to spend your day is on the rooftop terrace (sta7). In the middle of winter the sun burns on your skin and the sky is always blue. You have an amazing view over the city and it's a great place to take photos!. 

Jeans: Bershka / Hoodie: H&M 


Once a year, selected musea in Ghent open up their doors from 18h00 to 1h00. Along with my former classmate Zeynab, I went to the SMAK (modern art) and MSK (fine arts). It was a beautiful mix of people, artists and works: old and new, modern and classic, light and dark, simple and complicated. My favorites were definitely the light installation, projection of moving images and the music installation. I'm always attracted to mixed arts: images mixed with lights and sounds to stimulate all the senses. More pictures below:


Zalando launched the hashtag 'share your sexy': What does it mean to you? For me, sexy isn't just wearing skimpy clothes, a lot of makeup or seducing. Sexy is being confident in your skin and rocking what you have, simplicity, modesty and inner beauty. Sexy is a genuine smile, wild and natural hair, mystery and intelligence. sexy comes in so many forms and shapes.

Bralette: Bershka / Cardigan: H&M


JYB Cosmetics - A belgian, all natural and organic (around 80%) skin care brand. Their packaging is also bio degradable! 

I tested out two of their products - 'God save the skin' Hydrating Mask and 'Best Friend' Must-have Cream.

God Save the skin: A hydrating face mask with Macadamia, apricot and jojoba oil (all organic). The mask smells amazing: not too overpowering but subtle - a smell that reminds me of high-end spa or hotel products. It feels amazing on the skin and rinses off really easily (after 10-15 min.) My dry skin feels really hydrated and soft. 

(always scrub first: mix sugar and honey or olive oil)

Best Friend: The body milk is suitable for all skin types and doesn't really have a smell - I prefer it that way as I'm really sensitive to perfumed products. Ingredients include jojoba, shea and macadamia (all organic). The milk is not oil based so more suited for normal skin types. The dry parts of my body didn't feel hydrated enough but the rest was!

This brand is available on and in different EU countries (see website)

// Ik testte 2 producten van JYB Cosmetics - een natuurlijk en biologisch (ongeveer 80%) verzorgingsmerk. 

'God save the skin' Hydrating Mask is een gezichtsmasker gemaakt van onder andere macadamia, abrikoos en jojoba olie (bio). Het ruikt heerlijk en luxueus en voelt zijdezacht bij het aanbrengen en afspoelen. Mijn huid is direct gehydrateerd.

'Best Friend' Must-Have Cream is geschikt voor alle huidtypes en heeft bijna geen geur, goed voor gevoelige huidjes. De crème is hydraterend genoeg voor normale huid maar net niet genoeg voor mijn droge huid. Gemaakt van onder andere jojoba, shea en macadamia (bio)

PRESS DAYS / Antwerp


(Last wednesday's outfit: hat - forever 21 / leather jacket - H&M / rings - Primark) photos by Yasmine Gherbi

On the 18th of november I went to the press days in Antwerp. On this day, PR bureau's open up for press and bloggers to come and discover their new products and brands. I visited (in order) Media Mania - Pravda - Global Image - Feinest labels and Oona. As a new blogger it was really fun to meet other creative people. 
A selection of photos below: 

OUTFIT / 13.11.15

How I love traditional Moroccan dresses! (aka tekchita or caftan)

Last friday I was invited to a Moroccan wedding and it was the perfect opportunity to wear my caftan. A velvety fabric, silver thread and belt really make you feel like a princess! 


ying and yang, good and evil, angel and demon.

Yesterday I teamed up with this beauty ( and I had so much fun doing our make-up. 

How: For the demon look you only need a few products. Make your face lighter and contour your nose, temples and cheeks with a dark brown. Put eyeshadow (brown-black-red) on your eyes and smudge it out to create bags under the eyes. Add fake blood and a dark color on the lips. 

For the angel you start with a perfect base with foundation and concealer. Put white face paint on the eyebrows and lips and blue eyeshadow around the eyes, temples and cheekbones. Add a lot of highlighter on the face and finish up with putting on glitter. If it falls off you can use lash glue to make it stick. Add a blonde wig and blue contacts for that angelic look!

what you need: foundation - eyeshadow - concealer - lipstick - fake blood - bronzer - highlighter - face paint - glitter - contact lenses - wig 

HALLOWEEN / Khaleesi

This was my look on the 31th! A really simple one, since you only need to apply basic makeup and a lot of blood! To really look like Khaleesi (Game of Thrones) you definitely need blue contacts and a blonde wig to resemble her hair. 

What did you do on Halloween?

HALLOWEEN / The Undead

My third Halloween look of the year is this creepy, undead skeleton.
"I rose from the grave to haunt you..."
inspired by Nikkietutorials 

How: This look is ideal for those who only have make-up and face paint but still want to make a really creepy look. Start with mixing foundation and white face paint for a pale look. Apply it all over your face, neck and chest. Hollow out the cheeks and temples by applying a brown eyeshadow and blend it out. Also contour the nose. Make a messy smoked out eye with brown, black and red eyeshadows and drag it down. Fill in your eyebrows or cover them if they're really light. Put more white face paint on the highlights of the face. Begin mapping out the mount with black eyeshadow and draw the teeth with a small paint brush and white face paint. Fill in the gaps with black eyeshadow for more definition. For an extra touch add some fake blood. Top this off with creepy contact lenses and wild hair. 

what you need: foundation - eyeshadow - face paint - fake blood - contact lenses 

HALLOWEEN / Instafamous Zombie

My second Halloween look for this year is definitely my favorite because it has an important message. These last years we have seen the rise of 'instafamous' girls who all look perfect and make a living showing their faces and bodies on social media. It's hard not to feel the pressure to look like them when they're idolized and lusted after. Inspired by MadeYewLook (on youtube) I decided to make a look with the beauty ideals I see on Instagram. The concept is a zombie girl who wants to be as pretty and famous as these girls and decides to rip off a face and put it on. Just like many girls are unhappy with what they look like and decide to change their looks to fit the mold. Realize that social media is not a representation of real life and nobody looks perfect 24/7. Everybody's beautiful and being you is what makes you unique!. 

First I started with the glam part: the beauty trends I noticed are a flawless and dewy skin, perfectly shaped and 'on fleek' brows, a lot of contouring and highlighting, highlighter brighter than your future, smokey eyes with a defined eyeliner, false lashes and big, overdrawn lips. To top this off I used some blue contact lenses as all these girls do and dark hair paired with light eyes is a beauty ideal on social media. You can look at some pictures on instagram as a guideline. 

After this I started outlining my face with liquid latex to give it dimension. I rolled up some paper and put it on the latex before it dried. After this I went over it with latex again, sealing it in. This will give you the effect of skin peeling away from the face. After it dried I put blood on the edges and started painting the rest of my face with green, brown, red and black face paint. I applied it with I sponge to make it look really dirty. With a contour brush I took some brown and black eyeshadow and started contouring my clavicles and ribs to make it look sunken in. As a finishing touch I put ‘like me’ on my chest using fake blood and my fingers. This zombie is really desperate! 

what you need: foundation - concealer - powder - eyeshadow -  bronzer - highlighter - false lashes - eyeliner - mascara - lipliner - lipstick - lipgloss - sponge - face paint - contact lenses (optional) - liquid latex - paper towel - paint brush - brow pencil - fake blood  


My first Halloween look of the year! 
"I took over your body and now I'm going to take over your planet..."
inspired by Heidi Hamoud MUA

How: Start with a light base, combining foundation, concealer and white face paint (on the highlights of the face with a sponge). Contour the cheeks and temples extra hard and highlight a lot on your cheekbones. Start covering up your brows in 3 simple steps: 1) glue stick, 2) concealer, 3) powder. Repeat this until you cover them completely (it took me more than an hour because I have really thick brows!). 

Use eyeshadow colors of choice to contour the inside of the eye, going down to the nose. Also put it under the lash line. Use a white mascara or face paint on a brush and apply on the lashes. Take a silver eyeshadow and pat it on the lips. Finish up with adding some white contact lenses. I also used a lot of wax on my hair so it looked whet and shiny. 

what you need: foundation - concealer - powder - eyeshadow - bronzer - highlighter - glue stick - face paint - sponge - contact lenses (optional) - hair wax (optional) 

HALLOWEEN / Bloody Vampire

This was my Halloween look last year, as it's really simple to do and I'm kind of obsessed with vampires....creepy. It's a really easy look and you only need make-up, fake blood and contacts if you want to make it extra scary. You start of with a normal base with a light foundation and make the contour extra hard. We want a matt look so no highlighter or shiny eyeshadows. Make the eyebrows darker and do a black & brown smokey eye with pencil eyeliner. Once the base is done you smudge the smokey eye and the eyeliner on the top and bottom. Also bring down the eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Start making dark bags under the eyes for that dead look. For the contour and the bags you can use any colour you want, I mixed brown with grey and a hint of red. Keep blending the eyeshadows until you think you look dead enough (haha). 

Add a red lipstick of your choice to your lips and smudge it with your fingers. Add false lashes and contacts if you wish. Take your fake blood (I actually also used red and black paint) and put it on your face with a brush, making it look like it's dripping off your face and splattered on your cheeks. You can also add bite holes on the side of the neck and use vampire fangs. Look creepy and seductive and there you have it!

what you need: foundation - concealer - pencil eyeliner - eyeshadow - false lashes - face paint - bronzer - lipstick - paint brush (optional) - contact lenses (optional) - fake blood - fangs (optional) 


Proud to say I shot my first magazine cover ever! I have been part of the Aya Lifestyle Magazine team for a year now and I love seeing everyone (including myself) evolve! Check out their Facebook page here for more info.

Photography by me / Model: Sarah Dimani / MUA IMYO / Styling: Farah Bouguerra