About Me


Hi! I'm Dounia Aerts. I was born in Gent - Belgium to a Moroccan mother and Belgian father. I studied graphic design at the School of Arts in Gent and graduated with a master of visual arts in 2014. I taught myself photography & make-up and started to express myself trough my art. I'm also a digital content creator on instagram and I have a passion for social media, fashion, beauty, travel and languages.



Rates, info & bookings: dounia_aerts@hotmail.com

Brands I have worked with: Vichy, L'oreal, Love & Harmony, Torfs Schoenen, Arts Canteen, Al Arte vzw, Aya Lifestyle Magazine, NYX Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, Estée Lauder,Yves Rocher, YSL, Elle Belgium, Clinique, Zalando, ...

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