HALLOWEEN / Bloody Vampire

This was my Halloween look last year, as it's really simple to do and I'm kind of obsessed with vampires....creepy. It's a really easy look and you only need make-up, fake blood and contacts if you want to make it extra scary. You start of with a normal base with a light foundation and make the contour extra hard. We want a matt look so no highlighter or shiny eyeshadows. Make the eyebrows darker and do a black & brown smokey eye with pencil eyeliner. Once the base is done you smudge the smokey eye and the eyeliner on the top and bottom. Also bring down the eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Start making dark bags under the eyes for that dead look. For the contour and the bags you can use any colour you want, I mixed brown with grey and a hint of red. Keep blending the eyeshadows until you think you look dead enough (haha). 

Add a red lipstick of your choice to your lips and smudge it with your fingers. Add false lashes and contacts if you wish. Take your fake blood (I actually also used red and black paint) and put it on your face with a brush, making it look like it's dripping off your face and splattered on your cheeks. You can also add bite holes on the side of the neck and use vampire fangs. Look creepy and seductive and there you have it!

what you need: foundation - concealer - pencil eyeliner - eyeshadow - false lashes - face paint - bronzer - lipstick - paint brush (optional) - contact lenses (optional) - fake blood - fangs (optional)